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lettering for MP’s 50’ EXPRESS car - gold on green car

Part Number: MP-6b

Price: $8.50

In December 1941, the MP received 100 50’ double-door automobile cars from 3 lots:

Series 86150-86174, 25 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2319 - all converted to passenger express svc in 1942*
Series 88300-88339, 40 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2317 - 88300-86324 to passenger express svc in 1942*
Series 88400-88434, 35 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2318 - all remained in freight svc

* all of the 50 cars converted to Baggage Express service received steam lines and Allied Full Cushion High Speed trucks while retaining their reporting numbers. In 1946, cars 88300-88324’s Allied trucks were replaced by A-3 Ride Control trucks, and cars 86150-86174 received General Steel Casting Corp’s BX truck. In October, 1960 cars 86150-86174 were renumbered into 4300-4324, and cars 88300--88324 were renumbered into 4325-4349.

Paint & Lettering: Cars painted Passenger Green with DULUX yellow lettering.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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