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lettering for Southern’s 50’ autocar with end doors - 1958 18” scheme

Part Number: SOU-6b

Price: $8.50

Beginning in August of 1941, the Southern Railway received 400, 50’ double-door automobile/furniture cars built by Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company. Only the first 100 were equipped with end doors.

Series 40200-40249, 50 cars, Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company, Job 9740 - delivered August 1941 - End Doors
Series 41500-41549, 50 cars, Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company, Job 9739 - delivered December 1944 - End Doors
Series 42000-42299, 300 cars, Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company, Job 9738 - delivered 1942 (not in model project)

Paint & Lettering: Car body painted Southern Spec. #84, a medium brown shade. Lettering all white lead stencil paste. Trucks coated with two coats of steel car black. Wheels not to be painted. 3” white stripe on right hand door indicates car was equipped with Evans Auto Loading devices for transporting automobiles.

Note: This decal set is for the 1958 Roman 18” tall reporting marks and 2“ data stencils. The 60” diameter monogram has been discontinued and the new 18” reporting marks and 2“ data were moved to the right side of the doors. Capacity data remained in place to the left of the doors. End lettering for all schemes was 4” and applied on top of ribs and slightly offset from center.

For the 1959, 24” block letter scheme, use Protocraft decal set Southern-6c.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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