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lettering for Shipper’s Car Line tank cars in 1:87 scale

Part Number: SHPX-1 (HO)

Price: $6.00

Shippers Car Line, was acquired by AC&F in 1927, as primarily a leasing company for their tank cars, and as such and remained a separate division. Numerous large companies leased hundreds of tank cars from SHPX, and today remains part of ACF Industries .  

SHPX 9301 (over), an 8,000 gallon tank car, built in September 1936 by ACF as Lot 1547, was part of a 50 car order to be leased to Sun Oil Company as Series 9293-9342. (ref: RP CYC 3)

SHPX 10787 below, a 10,000 gallon riveted tank car, built in June 1930 as part of a 50 car order to be leased to Sun Oil Company, as Lot 1136 and assigned Series 10762-10811 (ref: RP CYC 3)

These are examples of thousands of tank cars leased to many large companies throughout the US and Canada

Paint & Lettering: Cars painted all black with white lead stencil paste lettering.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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