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lettering for Virginian’s 50’ wagon top autocars

Part Number: VGN-6

Price: $8.50

In February 1937, the Virginian received 25 of type XAR 50’-6” IL, ush roof, wagon-top automobile cars built by Greenville Steel Car Company (O.O. 242) and assigned road numbers as Series 62000-62024 Class XA-1. These cars were virtually identical to the Pennsylvania’s X32B (built at Pennsylvania’s shops) and N&W Series 52000-52099 autocars (GSC O.O. 239) and DT&I 12000-12399 (GSC O.O. 252), except the Virginia cars were 3-1/2” higher above the rails.
In 1957, the Virginian remodeled these cars for general merchandise and reclassied them from AX-1 to BX-1, removing the AUTOMOBILE
lettering and coated the roof with black car cement.
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted Freight car brown: TCP-212. Lettering white stencil paste with a black background in the monogram.
For a more comprehensive understanding of these cars consult Ed Hawkins and Pat Wider’s excellent series RP CYC 23, pages 102-104.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
O scale model is NJ Custom Brass RS-627

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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