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URTC 1923 wood reefers leased to Miller Brewing Co

Part Number: URTC Miller Beer-1

Price: $8.50

The Union Refrigerator Transit Company, originally formed in 1890 by the Schlitz brewing interests, became the Union Refrigerator Transit Lines of Milwaulkee
(URTC) in 1903, starting with a eet of 1,700 cars. In 1929 it was acquired by General American Tank Car Company, with the eet now totaling 5,000 40’ wood
cars, mostly built by American Car & Foundry. The new company continued to operate as a separate subsidairy of GATC, but now added 1,500 additional cars
built by GATC for a total of 6,500 cars. The shipment of beer accounted for a substantial part of its business, with many of its cars leased to independent shippers
such as Miller Brewing, Goetz, Blatz, Pabst and many others. Also included were dairy shippers such as Bordens, Kraft and Carnation. URTC also provided
refrigerated car services to a number of railroads: the Milwaulkee Road, SOO Line, Minneapolis & St. Louis, Nickel Plate and Chicago Great Western. In July 1934,
the use of billboard signage on refrigerator cars was outlawed by the ICC for a multitude of reasons, mostly as a result of complaints and resentment between
the shippers themselves, and the colorful cars were seen no more. The end of Prohibition on December 12, 1933, saw the second car with the word BREW
relettered to BEER
Paint & Lettering: Car sides and side ladders painted reefer orange/yellow (50/50 mix); mineral red roof, end ladders and ends. Underframe, end beams, corner
straps, door hinges, lock bar and kickplate coated with black car cement. Reporting marks and billboard lettering black.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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