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6-dome tank car in black for Gibson Wine Co

Part Number: Gibson Wine-6a (1:87)

Price: $6.00

General American Tank Car Co leased a number of 6 dome tank cars to Gibson Wine Company.

This color image is of one of Gibson’s 6-dome insulated tank cars painted in a black scheme. GATX 415 was one of a group of 44, 6-dome, 6,000 gallon insulated tank carsbuilt by and leased from General American Tank Car Company to various wine companies. It has a Type 30 underframe.

Paint & Lettering: Tank and underframe painted a charcoal black (note the true black color backing the lettering just above the Peacock’s tail) Lettering is both silver and yellow with reporting marks in white. Wheels unpainted and allowed to gather grease and road grime. Placement of the lettering and peacock vary. The modeler needs to pick one scheme and place decals as shown in the photographs as best he can for a specific car. 

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals 

Printed by Microscale Industries

A second version has the tank painted aluminum. See Protocraft Decals Gibson Wine-6

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