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Mid-Continent Petroleum Type 11 8,000 gallon AC&F tank car

Part Number: COSX-2

Price: $8.50

The Cosden Oil & Gas Company was started by Josh Cosden of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1916. Cosden is credited with establishing Oklahoma as a major oil producing state, building a $35 million dollar oil business within the first 10 years. The Mid-Continent Oil Field in which all this was located was part of a broad area encompassing the central and southwestern United States, and until the discovery of oil in the Middle East, was the largest known oil reserve in the world. Cosden organized all his enterprises under one umbrella as the Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp. Acquired or merged with Sun Oils in 1955 to form D-X Sunray, Sunray D-X and Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company. D-X was a brand of Mid-Continent’s “Diamond” and Sonoco gas stations. D-X was introduced in 1933, suggesting an “X” factor or unknown substance that made it’s gasoline superior to others. Stations sold motor oil, kerosene, Diamond gasoline, and an anti-knock compound “Nevr-Nox as a competitor to Ethyl. In 1935, Mid-Continent owned 2,232 tank cars.

Mid-Continent Petroleum was one of the largest owners of Type 11 tank cars built by AC&F. COSX 823,a 10,000 gallon tank car in Series: 800-899(see over) built in 1916; COSX 1018, an 8,000 gallon tank car in Series 1000-1199, built by AC&F in 1916. COSX 1561 part of Series 1200-1649, built by AC&F in 1917 were 10,000 gallon tank cars; and COSX 1681, an 8,000 gallon tank car part of a larger series: 1650-1849

Paint & Lettering: Car painted all black with lettering in white lead stencil paste.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals based on artwork by Ted Culotta
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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