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Lettering for Chateau Martin wine boxcar - 1944 AAR design

Part Number: CMWX-5 (1:87)

Price: $6.00

The Chateau Martin wine cars were mostly former 42’ express milk cars and were owned by the Commodities Car Company, Inc. of New York City (reporting marks CMWX). The Chateau Martin brand was owned by Eastern Wine Corporation of New York. Martin had a total of 79 of these cars. Number 106 -171 were wood cars and 1001-1009 were steel riveted ex-milk cars. CMWX 1001, above, may be a one of a kind as it is the only known photograph of a 1944 AAR 50-ton boxcar lettered for CMWX. The cars ran between Waterford, California and the Bronx Terminal Market, New York, between 1950 and 1969, where the bulk wine was bottled. The steel cars ran between 1961 until 1975. This lettering scheme is one of 4 basic layouts. The cars were painted in a light burgundy - we suggest Pantone #224C or #225C, but the color was subject to fading and many shades lighter would depict the cars during various stages of their useful life.

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