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Santa Fe - Class Fe-24

Part Number: PC-3709

Sold Out

In December of 1941 and early 1942, the Santa Fe received 500, 50’-6” double-door automobile cars from Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company under Lot 5676. Series assigned was 10000-10499. At first all 500 were kept in general freight/automobile service, but in late 1942, the first 200, eventually a total of 300 were selected for high-speed passenger service to carry general and LCL freight in passenger consists, thus ensuring fast, competitive delivery.  Cars were then fitted with steam lines and high speed Allied Full Cushion trucks.  Soon thereafter cars were repainted from the freight car brown and map slogans to passenger green with DULUX gold lettering and renumbered into 4100-4399 series.  The remaining 200 cars remained in general freight service.  It was common to find at least one or more of these cars as head-end equipment in the majority of the Santa Fe’s passenger consists.

Cars came with the new Murphy Raised panel roofs, 5/5 Dreadnaught ends with round (W) corner construction, and 4/7 riveted panel sides with specific varying widths, Ajax Power Hand brakes and wood running boards.  Eventually ACF A-3 ride control 50-ton trucks replaced the Allied Cushion trucks..  Except for Express service, the cars displayed all the usual slogans and maps.


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