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lettering set for Buffalo Creek PS-1 boxcars - 1952 lettering scheme

Part Number: BCK-5

Price: $8.50

The Buffalo Creek Railroad was a terminal switching line established in 1868, to serve the big grain elevators, like Concrete Central and others, in Buffalo, N.Y.
All accessed from the St. Lawrence seaway on grain boats. BCK connected with all the major railroads serving Buffalo with 34 miles of waterfront trackage.
Between 1952 and 1956, the company acquired 2,000 10’-6” IH boxcars. The BCK provided clean cars suitable for the loading of flour, which were otherwise in
short supply.
Series 1000-1499, 500 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 8038, delivered July 1952 - 5-panel Superior 7’ doors. PS-1 design
Series 1500-1999, 500 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 3709, delivered March 1953 10‘-5” IH - 7‘ Youngstown YSD-2 doors - Carbuilders ends
Series 2000-2199, 200 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 8292, delivered October 1956 - 5-panel Superior 7’ doors. PS-1 design
Series 2200-2499, 300 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 8292, delivered October 1956 - 7‘ Youngstown YSD-2 doors. PS-1 design
Series 2500-2999, 500 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 4670, delivered May 1956 , 7’ Youngstown doors - 3/4 IDN ends
Paint & Lettering: Cars sides painted red/brown: TCP-925*. Ends, underframe, brake equipment and truck sideframes coated with black car cement. Roof
unpainted galvanized steel. Lettering 9” white stencil paste. The 5’-4“ medallion does NOT have a red circle in the flour sack - rather it, along with the words
‘BUFFALO CREEK”, is in the clear - hence the car side color shows through.

Lettering designed and created at Protocraft Decals
* TCP-901-929 are Protocraft Decals propietory colors mixed by TCP under the direction of Ed Hawkins and available at Protocraft

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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