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St Louis-San Francisco’s 1937 AAR boxcar with Duryea u/f

Part Number: PC-3509

Price: $319.00/ each

Protocraft’s all-brass model of St Louis-San Francisco’s 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH boxcar. Never before done in O Scale, these exquisite and highly detailed
models are built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea. A total of 38 cars built between December 1938 and October 1940 and assigned random road numbers as Series
145550-163999. These cars were built in Frisco’s shops as replacement cars lost to service due to damage or wrecks. The shop ordered the Duryea underframes from O. C. Duryea and and Square corner 4/5 Dreadnaught ends from suppliers and then assembled the cars.
The Duryea underframe, patented by O. C. Duryea Co of New York, was a new concept in shock absorbing design which helped train control in addition to it’s
shock absorbing abilities. The spring assembly ran almost at the entire length of the center sill with 7” of travel at each end. The equipment listing specied prefabricated square corner 4/5 Dreadnaught ends manufactured by Standard Railway Equipment Co, Chicago-Hutchins (Murphy) raised panel steel roofs, Apex Tri-Lok running boards, 7-rung Wine ladders, Ajax power hand brake and 6’ Youngstown doors with Camel rollers and locking devices.
The Protocraft Duryea underframe model has push springing but not pull springing - this is to avoid the ‘caterpillar eect’ in operation. The model runs on ball
bearing axles with sintered rib-back wheels consisting of 70% steel and 30% stainless steel. Trucks have working journal box covers.
Some of these cars were placed into Frisco’s LCL service and painted with the tan and chocolate scheme with red and chocolate lettering and medallion. See
Protocraft Decals SL-SF 3b for pictures of this car.
Only 30 models built. Price is $319.00 plus shipping. Accurate decals for each letrering scheme for each time period are available from Protocraft Decals.

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