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lettering for Seaboard’s 10’-0” IH 50’ automobile/furniture cars - as delivered scheme

Part Number: SAL-6a

Price: $8.50

In February of 1938, the Seaboard received 200, 50’ automobile and furniture cars built by Pullman-Standard Car Company’s Bessemer, Alabama shops, under Lot 5578. Series was 10000-10199. The cars were unusual in that they came equipped with Pullman Patented flat plate riveted roofs and riveted flat plate ends, and AB brakes, Universal power hand brake and wood running boards.

Paint & Lettering: Car painted with DuPont Tufcoat Metallic Brown, including running boards and trucks: TCP-188. Lettering all white stencil paste and a 40” all-white herald. Within 4 years the “Orange Blossom Special” slogan was added to promote the road’s new crack passenger train. To replicate normal oxidation of the car’s paint, mix a few drops of TCP-179 grey into the 188.

Note: The Seaboard entered bankruptcy in December 1930, and was overseen by the US Court of Virginia for the next 14 years. Under receivership, the road set about modernizing its equipment using federal Reconstruction Finance Corp funds, introducing it‘s new Silver Meteor streamliner in 1939. In May 1945, the railroad was sold at auction to bondholders for $52 million and reorganized as the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. The monogram was expanded to 56”, the heart was colored “Fire Plug Red” and the word “RAILWAY” was replaced by “RAILROAD”. In 1944, the highly popular Silver Meteor streamliner began turning a prot and the slogan was applied to the 50’ AF autocars during the 1956 repaint program, replacing the “Orange Blossom Special” slogan. See decal set SAL-6b for this lettering.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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