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lettering for SSW’s 50’ single 8’ door boxcar - as delivered 1956 DF scheme

Part Number: SSW-8c

Price: $8.50

In August 1941, the SSW’s Pine Bluff, Arkansas shops built 95, 50’ single-door boxcar with 8’ doors. These cars used the light weight side sheeting requiring the alternate rivet pattern, distinctive of the SSW and the UP. Series were 20000-20094. Later in August of 1944, the SSW shops built an additional 90 identical cars as Series 20110-20199. In between were 15 cars with end doors - Series 20095-20109.

Paint & Lettering: Car bodies and truck sideframes were painted SP red-brown: TCP 211. Underbody painted with black car cement. Wheels were unpainted and allowed to rust and gather a coating of axle grease. The symbol on the door indicates that this car is assigned to auto parts service.

After WWII, many of the Cotton Belt’s 50-foot boxcars were equipped with Damage Free (DF) Evans movable Special Devices or Evans Products Company compartmentizers for securing cargo, as indicated in this 1956 lettering scheme by the the large 4-1/2 ft yellow DF. This greatly reducing cargo damage during travel.

Beginning in 1955, the SSW followed parent SP’s large block lettering replacing the road’s corporate name. One inch lines above and below the reporting marks as well as periods disappeared.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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