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lettering for KCS/L&A’s 50’ single 9’ door EXPRESS lcl cars

Part Number: KCS/L&A-8a

Price: $8.50

In October of 1941, while the KCS received 200, 50’ single-door boxcars from Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company under Lot 5681, and assigned road numbers as Series 25100-25299, the L&A received 100 cars built under the same lot number and assigned as L&N Series 36001-36200. Cars were unique in that they were built with Pullman Patented at panel riveted roofs and Pullman Patented Corrugated ends The single 8’ Youngstown door was extended to 9’ with a 1’ addition to the right side of the door with a corresponding wider door opening.

Paint & Lettering: Four cars from KCS Series 25100-25299 went to passenger service on the two road’s name trains as KCS Series 400-403; 20 cars from L&A 36001-36200 series went to passenger service as L&A Series 36001-36020. All were painted Southern Belle colors: car painted a black with 5-10% dark green (NP color TCP-57) mixed in. Lettering and large stripe a dusty yellow (TCP-123 C) with the top stripe a brownish red (PMS-187CV). These cars were assigned for LCL freight in passenger head-end service as well as baggage express in passenger service. Cars were fitted with steam lines and the KCS cars with Allied Cushion High Speed trucks.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

The Louisiana & Arkansas Railway (L&A) operated a 332 mile long right of way between Hope, Arkansas and New Orleans with branch lines to Dallas, TX and Natchez, Mississippi. Incorporated in 1898. The L&A merged with the Kansas City Southern in 1939 with the L&A as a KCS subsidiary, creating direct rail service between Kansas City and New Orleans. L&A‘s name trains were The Shreveporter and the Hustler., and in 1940, the new KCS/L&A Southern Belle. By the 1960’s the L&A was dissolved and the KCS took over all routes and name trains.

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