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1937 AAR boxcars for Lackawanna - SOLD OUT

Part Number: PC-3526

Sold Out

The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad ordered 1,503 of the new 50-ton 1937 AAR design all-steel boxcars with a 10’-0” inside height.  All built by the Magor Car Corporation between February 1940 and December 1944, with 350 cars within this group built by AC&F under Lot 2714 as Series 51400-51749.  The last 250 cars, Series 51750-51999, were delivered with 7-Panel Superior doors.  These are available from Protocraft if a modeler wants to change them out.

The DL&W specified wood running boards and Ajax Power hand brake assemblies.  Ends were equipped with Standard Railway Equipment Co’s 4/5 Dreadnaught ends incorporating the stronger round (W) corner internal braces, improved Murphy raised panel roofs and 7 rung Wine ladders plus roping staples.  Unusual was the installation of AB valve shields, like the GN they were concerned with truck and fork lift damage.  We used AC&F builder plans under AC&F Lot 2714 supplied by the Museum of Transportation in St Louis with the assistance of Ed Hawkins. Boo Rim Precision of Korea has build exquisite and accurate models of these cars in all brass construction.  Series were 49000-49502 and 51000-51999.  Cars roll on Protocraft’s all brass Bettendorf design 50-ton trucks with ball bearings, working journal covers and sintered steel rib-back wheels.

Only 15 models built

Specify Proto:48 or O scale when ordering

Accurate decals are available from Protocraft Decals: DL&W-3 (as-delivered Roman lettering without slogans), DL&W-3a, DL&W-3b and DL&W-3c - the latter with the 1955 Gothic reporting marks.  Note: all these decal sets have been completely revised and expanded to be more comprehensive and are currently at Mircroscale in the production line. If you can wait a few weeks they will be available and each person ordering these cars will be notified when the new decals are available.

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