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Lackawanna’s 1937 AAR boxcars lettering set for 1955 Gothic scheme

Part Number: DL&W-3c

Price: $8.50

The DL&W received 1,503 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH design boxcars, between February 1940 and December 1944. Series and deliveries as follows:
Series 49000-49499, 500 cars, Magor Car Corp, Lot P9450 - delivered February 1940
Series 49500-49502, 3 cars, Magor Car Corp, Lot P9677 - delivered July 1941
Series 51000-51399, 400 cars, Magor Car Corp, Lot P9975 - delivered April 1942
Series 51400-51749, 350 cars, AC&F, Lot 2714 , delivered November 1944
Series 51750-51999, 250 cars, Magor Car Corp, Lot W708, delivered December 1944 - 7-Panel Superior doors
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted with DL&H freight car brown. Underframe coated with black car cement. Beginning with the 1942 built Series 51000-51399, the DL&W introduced slogan advertising for clean steam engine exhaust with a ctional character “PHOEOE SNOW”, and in 1949, named their crack passenger train PHOEBE SNOW, an 8 hour run between New Jersey and Bualo, NY, on the right side of the cars. Later in 1944 with Series 51400-51999, the slogan remained but the road name was increased in size and moved to the left side of the car over the reporting marks - DL&W-3b;

This decal set letters the 1955 Gothic reporting marks.

Lettering and slogans designed and created at Protocraft Decals

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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