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Pullman 61-UDO, 6-whl high speed passenger truck - ready to run

Part Number: PC 61-UDO

Price: $129.95

A Proto:48 all-brass model of the Pullman 61-UDO 11’ wheelbase roller bearing 6-wheel truck for high speed streamline passenger service - found under UP baggage/RPO cars; SP’s diners, GN Big Dome; Santa Fe High-Level cars, diners and lounge cars, and under lots of business cars and more.  The model trucks are built and assembled in Korea by OCS Castings using Pullman drawings for accuracy and are ready to run.  Wheels are machined in steel and axles roll on ball bearings for easy pulling. Journal box keepers are removable and the wheelsets will drop out as in the prototype.  Side frame patterns compliments of Roger Lewis of Wasatch Models.

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