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NWP 60' wood baggage car (as sold to Mexico)

Part Number: NWP 60-B (W)-1

Price: $7.00

Northwestern Pacific’s wooden baggage cars were hand-me-downs from parent S.P. Not all road numbers are listed. This sheet is for NWP 613 - other numbers known for this car are 608, 614 and 615. #613 first started out with BAGGAGE lettered at each end of the car, later the right end sported a contract with REA. Additionally the lettering was shown centered from top to bottom and also seen with the lettering placed in the lower 1/3. Later, the car went to Mexico. With small modifications such as adding a lettering board over the tops of the baggage doors, this model is available as Ultrascale #613. Car body and trucks painted dark green, underbody black, wheels unpainted with a rust and dust coating:50% mixture of Floquil Grimey Black and 50% Floquil Zinc Chromate Primer. Decal sheet created and sized at Protocraft Decals with artwork by Norm Buckhart

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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