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1922 wood reefer built by AC&F for ART

Part Number: PC-3101-P

Price: $279.00

During the 1920's there were many wood reefers built by ACF, GATC, Haskel & Barker to name a few. Although similar, they were all differnent in minor ways. Consequently there was no standard wood reefer such as the later steel refrigerator cars that were of an approved design. Further, these cars eventually were sold to private owners and many ended up in the billboard era. Later many were again sold and rebuilt in the early 1950's by companies such as URTX and then leased to various railroads, such as SOO, ERIE, etc. Decals for many of these users are available from Protocraft Decals.

The model has working ice hatches, fixed doors, KC brakes and a choice of either Bettendorf or Arch-bar trucks with sintered rib-back wheels in either Proto:48 or O scale.  This one is Proto 48.

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