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Modified 1937 AAR boxcar for CMO with 7-P Superior doors

Part Number: PC-3227-O

Sold Out

Between October 1941 and April 1942, the CMO took delivery of 1,208 Modified 1937 AAR design boxcars. The first 200, built by AC&F as Lot 2255 came with 7-P Superior doors and a Viking roof. Series assigned was 20000-20398 (even numbers only) Only the first 25 cars were used in passenger express service and equipped with Allied Cushion trucks, and these soon were phased out in exchange for standard 50-ton freight trucks.

The Modified 1937 AAR boxcar design was a result of the industries continued search for more freight volume per carload. The real first attempt at a standardized design was the 1932 ARA steel boxcar with an inside height of 9'-4" . In 1936 the board of the AAR approved the 1937 AAR design with a 10'-0" inside height. This became a standard throughout the industry. Although some roads had a clearance restriction on some routes, the Board once again approved a newer height car - the Modified 1937 AAR boxcar with an inside height of 10'-6". Over 25 railroads bought the Modified cars and by 1944 there were 44,600 Modified boxcars in service. The 10'-6" IH has not been exceeded to this day.

This series of Modified boxcar models by Protocraft in brass has not previously been done in O scale. Built in Korea by master builder BooRim Precision, these models carefully follow the builder's drawings supplied by both the ACF museum at the St Louis Museum of Transportation and the Pullman Library at Union, IL

Correct decals are available for this car at Protocraft Decals

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