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lettering for B&LE’s 1937 AAR boxcars - 1960 scheme

Part Number: B&LE-2

Price: $8.50

The B&LE was founded in 1897 by Andrew Carnegie to haul iron ore in hopper cars from the port of Conneaut, Ohio to Carnegie steel plants
in Pittsburg, PA, and haul coal back on the return trip. In March 1940, the B&LE acquired 800 boxcars of the 1937 AAR design with an inside
height of 9’-11” and 7‘-3”, 7-panel Superior doors. Built by Greenville Steel Car Co in two groups: Series 91001-91500 delivered in
February/March 1940; and Series 91501-91800 delivered in April 1941.
Beginning in December 1960, these cars were rebuilt and renumbered by changing the rst digit from 9 to 8. Thicker oors resulted in a new
inside height of 9’-9” with the capacity reduced to 3662 cu ft. The new paint scheme employed the large 6’ round medallion.
(See Protocraft Decals sheet B&LE-1 for the as-delivered lettering scheme)
Paint & Lettering: Cars were repainted in a true orange color. The new scheme employed the large 6’ round black and white medallion.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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