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The following lettering sets are new
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July 2017

07/21/17 WP G-1   lettering set for WP’s drop-end Greenville gons - 1949 aluminum scheme
07/10/17 UP G-50-11 (b)   lettering set for UP’s 1943 G-50-11 GS gons - 1947 Armour Yellow scheme
07/10/17 UP G-50-11 (c)   lettering set for UP’s 1943 G-50-11 GS gons - 1956 20” Armour Yellow scheme
07/01/17 SB Hopper-1   lettering for South Buffalo’s 70-ton hopper

June 2017

06/18/17 PBR G-1   lettering for Patapsco & Back River’s Greenville gondolas - 1949 scheme
06/18/17 SB G-1   lettering for South Buffalo’s Greenville gondolas - 1949 scheme
06/18/17 SL-SF G-1   lettering for Frisco’s Greenville gondolas - 1953 scheme
06/07/17 NYC G-1   lettering for NYC’s Greenville gondolas - as delivered 1949
06/07/17 PM G-1   lettering for Pere Marquette’s Greenville gondolas - as delivered 1944
06/07/17 P&LE G-1   lettering for P&LE’s Greenville gondolas - as delivered 1945-1952
06/07/17 P&LE G-2   lettering for P&LE’s Greenville gondolas - Gothic scheme
06/07/17 RI G-1   lettering for Rock Island’s Greenville gondolas - 1949-1957 scheme

Decals in 1:48 scale allow for a higher degree of accuracy than those for the smaller scale models.

Protocraft strives to achieve the best possible rendering of the prototype lettering by working only from photographs, corrected for perspective and scale of the individual car in Photoshop, drawn in Adobe Illustrator as vector art, with decal sheets produced for Protocraft by Microscale Industries.

Protocraft has also partnered with well known HO decal artist and author Ted Culotta to bring his artwork to the 1/4"scale hobby, much of which has not previously been available.

Additional well known decal and dry transfer graphic artists that have contributed to the Protocraft Decal Line are Rick Leach, Greg Komar, Bill Schneider, Bruce Blalock and James Hickey. Some have decided to retire from the model railroad art line and take up other interests, leaving a void in this supply. Microscale's O scale line of decals is diminishing as stocks are depleted, and the old Champ decals are not worthy of todays quality and standards.. Protocraft is striving to keep these available to the hobby, mostly in 1/4" scale. We are adding to the line many decals per year - all are created from photographs in vector art as a new decal sheet or redrawn from contributors art.

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