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Decal Line CIL

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Part Number
Product Name
Product Price
CIL-1 lettering for 1937 AAR design boxcar for MONON     $8.50
CIL-2 Lettering for MONON's as-delivered 1944 AAR design boxcars     $8.50
CIL-3 Lettering for 2 MONON 1937 AAR design boxcars as relettered in 1955-58     $10.00
CIL-4 Lettering for MONON 1937/1944 AAR design boxcars as relettered in 1952-58 Banner scheme     $8.50
CIL-5 yellow lettering for Monon's 1958 all black boxcar scheme     $8.50
CIL-6 Lettering for 1937 AAR 10'-0" IH design boxcars repainted for MONON's 1952-1957 LCL service     $8.50

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