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In 2010, Protocraft Decals was established to supplement and finally replace the old Champ and Walthers Line, which by today’s standards are on a thick stock with a too thick clear, and sometimes created with inaccurate or generic lettering. Many artists have contributed to the decal line such as Rick Leach, Ted Culotta, Greg Komar, Bill Schneider, Bruce Blalock and James Hickey to name a few.

Much of the decal line art work is created in Protocraft’s shops in Sonoma, California having its own extensive research library, drawn in vector art using Adobe Illustrator, and employing hundreds of original railroad mechanical department arrangement drawings, supplied by the Pullman Library in Illinois and the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri (AC&F), the Barriger Railroad Library at the University of Missouri, and over 5,000, 8x10 photographs, many supplied by the National Archives of Canada and the Smithsonian Museum’s railroad department. Today the Protocraft Decal line has over 650+ individual and extensively researched decal sets for all major and many branch line railroads in the U.S. and Canada, with limited decals in HO scale. At Protocraft Decals all artwork is arranged on a sheet and printed by Microscale Industries in Southern California using the finest decal paper. Each set is finished with 5 extremely thin layer’s of clear that is feathered at the edge of each block of lettering or artwork. The decal line is constantly being added to as well as providing accurate decals for Protocraft’s brass models.

While mostly dealing in freight cars, the decal line is expanding to include passenger trains, both heavyweight and streamline lightweight cars; as well as some steam engines: Santa Fe and Western Pacific to date.


The following lettering sets are new
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October 2021

10/16/21 URTX Dubuque-1   lettering for URTX leased 37’ wood reefers to Dubuque Packing Co
10/16/21 Oscar Mayer-1   lettering for GATC leased 37’-3” wood reefers to Oscar Mayer Co
10/16/21 SLRX-1   lettering for St Louis Refrigerator Car Co 36’ wood reefers
10/16/21 PSL/PCCX-1   lettering for Peabody Short Line hoppers
10/16/21 NKP Covered Hopper   lettering for Nickel Plate’s 50-ton two bay covered hopper cars
10/16/21 NKP Hopper-1   lettering for Nickel Plate’s 50-ton two bay hopper cars
10/16/21 C&O-1   lettering for C&O’s USRA Class B5-1 boxcars
10/16/21 RF&P-2   lettering for RF&P’s PS-1 1952 boxcars
10/16/21 RF&P-1   lettering for RF&P’s USRA single-sheathed boxcars
10/16/21 EJ&E-2   lettering for Elgin, Joliet & Eastern’s rebuilt 9’-2” IH boxcars orange and green scheme
10/16/21 CRR-2   lettering for CRR’s 1932 ARA 9’-4” I.H. boxcars
10/16/21 RF&P-3   lettering for RF&P’s PS-1 boxcars 1961-64 scheme
10/07/21 D&RGW Fowler-1   lettering for D&RGW’s Fowler design boxcars
10/07/21 C&I-1   lettering for C&I’s 70-ton 2-bay hopper cars
10/07/21 WP-1a   original lettering for WP’s early wood 40-ton boxcars
10/07/21 WP-1   lettering for WP’s early wood 40-ton boxcars

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40’ and 50’ autocars
40’ and 50’ boxcars in 1:48 scale
Caboose Decals in 1:48 scale
Decal Line in 1:64 Scale
Decal Line in 1:87 Scale
Diesel Locomotive Decals in 1:48 scale
Express Refrigerator Car decals in 1:48 scale
Flat Car Decals in 1:48 scale
Gondolas and General Service Gondolas in 1:48 Scale
Hoppers and Ballast Cars in 1:48 Scale
Other Decals in 1:48 scale
Passenger & Head End Cars decals in 1:48 scale
Refrigerator Car Decals in 1:48 scale
Steam Locomotive decals in 1:48 scale
Tank Car Decals in 1:48 scale

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