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Refrigerator Car Decals in 1:48 scale

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Part Number
Product Name
Product Price
ARLX-1 lettering set for Armour Refrigerator Line 37’-3” wood reefers      $8.50
ARLX-2 lettering set for Armour’s 1949 40’ steel reefers      $8.50
ARLX-3 lettering set for Armour’s 1953 steel and Mather wood leased reefers      $8.50
ART Ice Service lettering for ART’s 1923 40’ wood reefers      $8.50
ART-2 Lettering for ART 1925 wood reefer cars - 1950's repaint scheme      $8.50
BAR reefer-1 Lettering for 1926 wood reefers - 1950's scheme      $8.50
BREX-1 lettering set for Burlington Refrigerator Express wood reefers      $8.50
CMWX-1 Chateau Martin Wine      $10.00
CMWX-2 Chateau Martin Wine      $10.00
CMWX-3 Chateau Martin Wine      $10.00
CMWX-4 Chateau Martin Wine      $10.00
CN reefer-1 Lettering for CN's 1929 wood reefers - 1945-59 scheme      $8.50
CP Reefer-1 lettering for CP’s wood refrigerator cars - 1952 lettering scheme      $8.50
CRLX-1 lettering for GATC 37’-3” wood reefer leased to Cudahy Car Lines      $8.50
CWSX SOO Water Car-1 lettering set for Chippewa Springs Water Corporation - wood reefer      $8.50
FGEX-1 Fruit Growers Express Refrigerator - 40’ Steel Beam Wood Sheathed Refrigerator Car      $8.50
FGEX-2 Lettering for 1947 wood rebuilt refrigerator car scheme      $8.50
FGEX-5 ex-PRR Class R-7 wood sent to the FGEX consortium in 1922. Scheme remained through 1950’s      $8.50
FWDX-1 lettering set for Burlington subsidiary Ft Worth & Denver wood reefers      $8.50
GTW- reefer-1 lettering for GTW’s 52’-6” wood refrigerator fleet      $8.50
HERX-1 Lettering for Hershey's Chocolate 1927 wood reefer      $8.50
IC Reefer-1 lettering for Illinois Central’s 40’ wood refrigerator cars - original scheme      $8.50
IC Reefer-1a lettering for Illinois Central’s CENTRAL DESPATCH wood refrigerator cars      $8.50
IC Reefer-2a lettering for Illinois Central’s all-steel refrigerator cars w/short diamond - 1937 scheme      $8.50
IC Reefer-2b lettering for Illinois Central’s all-steel refrigerator cars w/extended diamond - 1950’s scheme      $8.50
Libby’s-1 lettering set for Libby’s refrigerator cars - 1950’s scheme      $8.50
M&StL reefer-1 1953 repaint scheme for wood refrigerator cars      $8.50
M&StL reefer-2 Lettering for URTX leased reefers to M&StL - 1956 scheme      $8.50
MERX-1 lettering for 40’ wood reefer leased to Central Packing Co.      $8.50
M-K-T reefer-1 lettering for General American leased wood reefers      $8.50
MLKX-1 Lettering for Milk Products Refrigerator Line 40' wood reefer      $8.50
MORX-1 lettering set for MORRELL wood reefers - 1950's scheme      $8.50
NMCX-1 lettering set for Cudahy Refrigerator Line - 40’ leased wood reefers      $8.50
NRC Banana-1 lettering for National Refrigerator Car Co banana refrigerator cars      $8.50
NX reefer-1 lettering set for National Car Co 37’ and 40’ wood reefers      $8.50
NX-2 lettering for National Car Co’s ex-PRR R-7 reefers      $8.50
NXW-1 Lettering for Northwestern Refrigerator Line's 40' wood cars - gray scheme      $8.50
Oscar Mayer-1 lettering for GATC leased 37’-3” wood reefers to Oscar Mayer Co      $8.50
PGE Reefer-1 lettering set for Pacific Great Eastern’s 36’ wood refrigerator cars      $8.50
PGE reefer-1 lettering for PGE’s 40’ wood reefer      $8.50
PMPX-1 "Billboard" lettering for Premier Malt Products      $9.00
RI reefer-1 as-delivered lettering (1924) from GARC      $8.50
RI reefer-2 lettering for Rock Island’s (GARX) wood reefer fleet - 1947 scheme      $8.50
RPRX-1 Lettering for Rath Packing Co w/o Logo - Circa 1927      $8.50
RPRX-2 Lettering for Rath Packing Co with Logo - Circa 1940      $8.50
RPRX-3 Lettering for Rath Packing Co with Logo - Circa 1940      $8.50
RPRX-4 Lettering for Rath Packing Co with Logo - Circa 1950      $8.50
SFRD SFRD Map and Slogan decal sets
There are 12 products in this line of decals - click the link to see them all
SLRX-1 lettering for St Louis Refrigerator Car Co 36’ wood reefers      $8.50
SLRX-2 lettering for St. Louis Refrigerator Car 40’ wood reefers (Anhauser-Busch Corp)      $8.50
SRLX-1 lettering set for Swift’s 37’ wood meat reefers      $8.50
SRLX-2 lettering set for Swift 37’ meat reefers - 1948 red car scheme      $8.50
URTC A&P-1 lettering for A&P’s 1923 refrigerator cars leased from URTC      $8.50
URTC Miller Beer-1 URTC 1923 wood reefers leased to Miller Brewing Co      $8.50
URTC Miller Beer-2 URTC 1923 wood reefers leased to Miller Brewing Co      $8.50
URTC MILW-1 lettering set for Milwaulkee Road’s URTC leased wood refrigerator cars      $8.50
URTX Dubuque-1 lettering for URTX leased 37’ wood reefers to Dubuque Packing Co      $8.50
URTX ERIE-1 lettering set for ERIE’s 40’ wood refrigerator cars leased from URTX      $8.50
URTX MILW-1 Lettering for 1930 wood and 1939 steel refrigerator cars      $8.50
URTX MILW-2 Lettering for mid-1940's wood or steel refrigerator car scheme      $8.50
URTX MILW-3 Lettering for 1956 wood or steel refrigerator car scheme      $8.50
URTX SOO-1 Lettering for 1931 wood refrigerator cars - as delivered scheme      $8.50
URTX SOO-2 Lettering for 1931 wood refrigerator cars - 1945 gothic style      $8.50
UTRC White Rock-1 lettering set for Union Refrigerator Transit Co ‘White Rock Water”      $8.50
WCLX-1 lettering set for Wilson Car Lines 37’-3” wood reefers      $8.50
WFEX-1 Western Fruit Express for wood reefers      $8.50
WFEX-2 Lettering for 1923 wood reefer - 1950's repaint scheme      $8.50
WIF&S reefer-1 Lettering for 1952 Havana ferry service refrigerator cars      $8.50
WRL-1 lettering set for Western Refrigerator Line 1924 wood reefer      $8.50
WRX-1 lettering set for Western Refrigerator Line - original scheme      $8.50
WRX-2 lettering set for Western Refrigerator Line - 1950’s scheme      $8.50

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