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lettering set for Burlington Refrigerator Express wood reefers

Part Number: BREX-1

Price: $8.50

In May 1929, the Burlington Refrigerator Express was incorporated under reporting marks BREX to become one of 19 roads to join the Fruit
Growers Express consortium. Parent, CB&Q, moved 2,659 wood reefers to the BREX, built in 1922-23 by Pullman 35200-35599 and AC&F
35600-35999. These were renumbered into Series 74400-75999 to keep them separate from their subsidiaries C&S (50050-50249) and FD&W
(20001-20100). The consortium adopted the new 7” and 9” “Optic” lettering style applied in black stencil paste.
Sides were painted yellow with a touch of red in it; ends, fascia board, toe kick and roof were painted freight car red, with underbody coated
in black car cement. Later, roofs varied between red, silver and towards the end of service, car side yellow. BREX had as it’s primary repair and
reweigh station in Plattsmounth, Nebraska (PLT), but cars were serviced at the FEGX’s 5 other service facilities as convenient: ALX, HAM, IH,
ATL, and JAX, plus HIL for WFEX’s Hillyard, Washington facility.
Of the 19 partners, only Burlington and Great Northern displayed their herald on the sides of their respective cars.
Decal set created and designed at Protocraft Decals

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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