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Freight Car Trucks in O Scale

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Part Number
Product Name
Product Price
PC-200-O 1920's arch-bar     
PC-201-O 1937 50-ton Andrews with bolted journal boxes     
PC-202-O 1920's - early 1950's 40-ton Bettendorf     
PC-203-O 1930's National B-1     
PC-204-O 1930's Bettendorf 50-ton freight truck      $39.95
PC-204a 1930’s Bettendorf 50-ton O scale freight truck     
PC-204b 1940's 50-ton Bettendorf freight truck      $52.95
PC-205-O 1940's 50-ton Barber S-2 solid-bearing freight truck     
PC-206-O A-3 Ride Control solid bearing freight truck w/ball bearings      $52.95
PC-212-O O ga. Commonwealth BX high speed passenger express trucks 5’-6’ W.B.      $64.95
PC-213-O Gould Corporation 70-Ton Coil-Eliptic 5’-8” w.b. freight truck      $52.95
PC-214-O 70-Ton ACF A-3 Ride Control trucks with 5’-8” w.b.and 2 coil spring pattern      $52.95
PC-215-O 70-Ton Barber Stabilized trucks with 5’-8” w.b.and 3 coil spring pattern      $52.95
PC-217-O O Ga. Allied Full Cushion high speed passenger express trucks 5’-6’ W.B.      $64.95
PC-217-O Allied Full Cushion High Speed passenger express truck in O gage      $64.95

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