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Lettering set for Southern’s 1937 AAR design boxcars - aluminum medallion scheme

Part Number: Southern-3b

Price: $8.50

The Southern Railway received it’s rst 2,559, 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH design boxcars in October of 1937. All these cars came lettered with white stencil paste
WITHOUT the 60” monogram. See Protocraft Decal set ‘Southern-3a for the all-white lettering scheme. Beginning in September, 1938, the 10’-0” IH and 10’-6”
IH cars were delivered with white lettering and an aluminum stencil paste 60” monogram. Subsequent to April 1942, the aluminum stencil paste (made with
aluminum lings) was discontinued as s result of the war eort. In July 1947 beginning with Series 23000, and subsquent deliveries, plus all repaints, the all
white lettering and monogram replaced the aluminum scheme. Note: the dierence between the white and aluminum medallions are the distinctive letter
spacing inside the circles. Even though the aluminum stencil paste was discontinued in 1942, the cars wouldn’t have been repainted for a number of years.
The following 5,897 cars of 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH design , beginning in Sepember, 1938, were received with the aluminum monogram as follows:
Series 10000-12022, 2,044 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 5590, - delivered September 1938, including Series 13043-13063
Series 12023-13042, 1,020 cars, Mt Vernon Car Co. - delivered October, 1938
Series 13064-14395, 1,333 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 5592, - delivered January, 1939
Series 14396-15895, 1,500 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 5648, - delivered January, 1941
The cars came with square corner 4/5 Dreadnaught ends, and were equipped with wood running boards, the majority with Miner hand brake assemblies,
AB brake system, 7/7 Wine ladders, Murphy raised panel roofs and 6’ Youngstown doors. (Note: the 60” white monogram was applied on all repainted cars.)
An accurate model of these cars are Protocraft’s PC-3517

Lettering set designed and created at Protocraft Decals based on artwork by Ted Culotta.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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