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52’-6” (Greenville Gondola) for CB&Q/C&S

Part Number: PC-3601

Price: $397.00

In October, 1952, the Burlington built 200 gondolas in their Havelock, Nebraska shops, using the now popular design first originated by the Advisory Mechanical Committee to the ERIE railroad in 1940.  Technically it was an A.M.C. Design 70-ton, Drop-End 52’-6” Mill Gondola, erroneously named the Greenville Gondola in model railroad circles.  These cars were assigned Series numbers 82000-82199.  Later in December 1953, the shops built an additional 70 cars for subsidiary Colorado & Southern as Series 21500-21569.

The cars were equipped with side-mounted Ajax Power hand brake over an Apex brake step, Improved Dreadnaught drop-ends with Car Builder door locks and Nailable steel flooring.  Tie-down components were 28 folding stake pockets riveted to the interior sides, and 10 cast steel tie-down brackets located on the outside near each end under the top rail - the latter unique to the CB&Q; roping staples mounted horizontally, and chamfered 1-1/4” rope holes along the top rail.

They were painted with Burlington’s Mineral Red with white lettering.

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