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52’-6” “Greenville Gondola” for FRISCO

Part Number: PC-3610

Price: $397.00

In March of 1949, the St Louis & San Francisco Railroad ordered 400 of the ‘cloned Greenville Gon”, a design that evolved from the original 1940 A.M.C. design, from Pullman-Standard Car Company under Lot 5943, and assigned Series 61000-61399.  This series of cars had side mounted hold-down clips which were not included in the two later versions.

In March 1953, Pullman-Standard supplied an additional 200 almost identical cars but without the side mounted clips, under Lot 8058 as Series 61400-61599, and later in the year, an additional 300 identical cars under Lot 8155 as Series 61600-61899, giving the FRISCO at total of 900 ‘Greenville Gons” of the A.M.C. design.

These cars all used the Pullman Patented ends with Wine Door locks, Klasing Lever hand brake with an Apex brake step, Wine Lading anchors welded atop the top chord, and 16 interior folding stake pockets.  The FRISCO specified a welded steel plate floor, and as a result there were no rivets at the floor line on the exterior.

This model is for cars in the 61400-61899 Series.  Cars in the 61400-61599 series were painted black with white stencil lettering.  Cars in the 61600-61899 series were painted freight car red with white lettering.  The red cars used the FRISCO monogram that had a black background.

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