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1:48 scale working brass Symington-Gould E-Type coupler with magnetic operation

Part Number: PC-1075

Price: $59.95/ 5 pair

This coupler is developed by Protocraft from prototype drawings of the Symington-Gould Corporation of Rochester, N.Y. (1940) for the drop-head, bottom operated freight coupler as recommended by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).  This design replaced the previous Type D coupler with improved metallurgy and shank dimensions, giving it extra strength, and became the standard of the industry into the 1980’s.  The model is accurate to all dimensions, all brass and assembled in Korea by Boo Rim Precision, ready to install.

The coupler lift pin is magnetically operated using a wand with a magnetic tip (PC-1077) and will remain open until coupled.  The coupler operates from the accompanying lift bar for prototype bottom uncoupling also.  (Note: for top-lift applications, use PC-1074)

The scale coupler box is of injected molded plastic and made in the US, and comes in 4 parts.  


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