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8,000 gal Class Z tank car lettering for Union Tank Car Line

Part Number: UTLX-1

Price: $8.50

The Union Tank Car Line, by the 1930’s, owned over 30,000 tank cars, and by the 1950’s, 54,000. These varied from 8,000 gallon to 12,500 gallon pressurized and unpressurized tank cars. The fleet encompassed every tank car builder in the US. Lettering was simple and unobtrusive as possible. Union Tank Car virtually held a monopoly of the transportation of crude oil to the refinery, a fact held negatively by the public in general and the Congress at large. Because all the UTLX stock was privately held by all the members of Standard’s board of directors, there was no direct connection with UTLX and Standard Oil, effectively frustrating any antitrust undertaking. A highly unusual example of the identifying name of Standard Oil Company painted on a tank car is seen in the photograph and Protocraft decal part # UTLX-4.

Tank car number 78177, abnove, was part of a group of 8,000 gallon, Z-Class, tank cars built in 1919 and assigned road num- bers 78009 through 78334

The modeler should pay particular attention to the location of the tank bands and rivet pattern, as seen in the accompanying photographs of the prototype. The bands and rivet patterns will dictate the lettering placement. Use Archer resin rivet heads, Part #AR88035 to complete the rivet pattern depicted in this photograph.

This lettering set was designed and sized at Protocraft Decal Line with lettering created by Ted Culotta.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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