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Lettering for WP's 12,500 gal tank cars - 3 schemes

Part Number: WP tank car-1

Price: $8.50

In 1929, General American Car Company delivered 50 12,500 gallon tank cars to the W.P. Road numbers were 1201-1250. Cars were painted all black with white lettering. In 1951 cars were repainted again all black but with silver lettering with 1” horizontal lines above and below the road number. Two of the cars, 1204 and 1299 (1299 was renumbered from 1218) were relettered with yellow lettering. In 1953 all of the cars were transfered to Company service and most had yellow lettering. The cars used for water had white domes and those for fuel had yellow domes. (there were many variations not covered in this decal sheet such as yellow lettering fuel oil cars) The model of this car was produced by Pecos River Brass and imported from Korea as part #4442. This lettering set was designed and sized at Protocraft Decals with lettering drawn by Norm Buckhart

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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