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34’ and 40’ wood cabooses for the WP

Part Number: WP Caboose 1:87

Price: $6.00

The W.P. owned 108 of these wood cabooses. The rst 6 were built by AC&F in 1906 and numbered 701-707 (no #706). In 1910, fty were delivered from Haskell & Baker, numbers 731-779 numbers. In 1917, the WP shops built 708-713, In 1920 the WP shops built 716-721 - and in 1926, #’s 722-730. Between 1924 and 1931 the WP shops built #’s 780-800, and in 1931, Five more numbered 601-604.
The WP had 108 wood cabooses of the type shown above as 729. In addition to these in 1942-45 they rebuilt 48 single-sheathed 1916 boxcars from the 15000-
16000 Series into either bay window or roof top cupola cabooses numbered into the 643-800 Series. These were rst painted WP red/brown with white lettering, but around 1952, they began a silver (Permite Aluminum #7025) and orange Zephyr scheme with black lettering and a 2 ft square porcelain medallion with a red feather attached to the outside bracing.

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