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Lettering for 1937 AAR and P-S 1 boxcars - as delivered scheme

Part Number: WofA-3a

Price: $8.50

The WofA was part of the “West Point Route” under parent Georgia Railroad which included the Atlanta & West Point Railroad, all three operating as one railroad. In December 1941, the WofA received 60 1937 AAR design boxcars numbered Series 17300-17359, as part of a 100 car order under Lot 5685, with 40 cars going to sibling A&WP as Series 37300-37339.

Paint & Lettering: Sides painted aluminum. Doors, door tracks, side ladders and the portion of the side under the side ladders., car ends, roof, underbody and trucks, all black. Decal sheet designed and sized at Protocraft Decals - Lettering by Ted Culotta

In June 1956, the Wof A received 17 boxcars of P-S 1 design under Lot 8284D This Series was built of aluminum sides and roof and only the black ends and underframe were painted) (note: sister road A&WP received 33 cars from the same lot, as Series 38000-38032.) Notice the di.erences with the aluminum and black schemes to the earlier 17300 Series above. (See Decal sheet WofA-3b for lettering on earlier P-S 1 cars)

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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