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lettering for 1937 AAR 50' autocars - as delivered scheme

Part Number: L&N-6

Price: $8.50

In December 1940 through September 1946, the L&N took delivery of 350 1937 AAR 50’ design autocars as follows:

Series 99800-99999, 200 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot , delivered December 1940 (Note: 5/4 DN, 10’-4“ IH)
Series 99100-99199, 100 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot 5684, delivered November 1941 (Note: 5/4 DN, 10’-4“ IH)
Series 99500-99549, 50 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2890, delivered September 1946 (note: 4/4 IDN 10’-6” IH)
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted with Sherman-Williams Red, a freight car brown with more of an oxide hue than earlier cars: TCP-926. Be sure and add some
TCP-179 gray to replicate normal oxidation from being exposed to the elements. This included underbody and truck side frames. Roof coated with black car
cement. Lettering was all white stencil paste. In late 1951, the slogan “The Old Reliable” started showing up. After the 1957 merger with the NC&StL, “The Dixie
Line” came into use.

Lettering and slogans created at Protocraft Decals

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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