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50’ double-door autocars for the Wabash w/end doors

Part Number: PC-3724

Price: $358.00

In February of 1942, the Wabash built 150, 50 autocars in it’s Decatur shops.  The initial 25 cars were built with end doors and assigned road numbers as Series were 18000-18024.  The remaining 125 cars, identical except without end doors, were assigned road numbers as Series 19000-19124.  Cars were built using Murphy Raised panel roofs and wood running boards; 5/5 Dreadnaught “B” end with round (W) corner construction, and end doors supplied by Standard Railway Equipment Co of Chicago.  Cars had 4/6 riveted panel sides for a 10’-6” inside height.  Hand brake was a Miner Power hand brake.  Automobile tie-down chain pipe storage mounted below floor. Unique to the Wabash was the straight side sill which ran the full car’s length, with roping staples mounted downward.  Cars rode on Bettendorf design 50-ton trucks.

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