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lettering set for MEC’s 1932 AAR boxcars - 3 schemes

Part Number: MEC-2

Price: $8.50

The MEC received 754 of the new 1932 ARA design 40-ton boxcars built by Magor Corporation as follows:
Series 4500-4999, 500 cars, Magor Car Corporation, Lot P8750, delivered December 1936 - 9’-3” IH
Series 4248-4249, 2 cars, Magor Car Corporation, Lot P9349, delivered July 1939 - 9’-4” IH
Series 4250-4499, 252 cars, Magor Car Corporation, Lot P9300, delivered August 1939 - 9’-4” IH
Note: in 1958 the cars were upgraded with 50-ton trucks and renumbered into Series 14000+ for cars with an IH of (9’-4”, and 14500+ for cars with an IH of 9’-3”.
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted freight car red. As-delivered they came with the square box medallion. In the mid-1940’s a new round emblem appeared
with the pine tree and the word CENTRAL horizontally under the tree. This was short lived and after 1947 during subsquent routine matenance this was painted
over and replaced with the simpler MAINE CENTRAL around and inside the circle

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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