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lettering for Birmingham Southern’s 1937 AAR boxcars

Part Number: BS-3

Price: $8.50

Although these cars followed the 1937 AAR design, they were still very unique due to their use of Pullman’s components - which were not standard for its day: Pullman flat panel riveted roof, Pullman flat riveted ends and Pullman patented steel doors, and a unique underframe. They were characterized as ‘light-weight’ cars. The cars were to be seen all over east of the Mississippi River, and a few ventured all the way West.

Originally known at the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company (1852), the TCI&R was the second largest steel company in the US until it merged with US Steel Corp in 1907. The Birmingham Southern, organized in 1899 and jointly owned by the L&N and Southern, was acquired by TCI in 1906 and passed to US Steel (see also Protocraft Decals HC-1, UPCX-1 and N&B-1 for other US Steel railroads) as part of the 1907 merger. The BS had extensive trackage throughout the steel producing area with direct access to the port of Mobile via Warrior River (Protocraft Decals WRT-2) and west to Chicago and St. Louis.

Between January through March 1937, the BS received 100 boxcars of the 1937 AAR design from Pullman-Standard under Lot 5541, and assigned Series numbers 300-399. Delivered with Pullman’s patented light-weight doors, by the mid-1950’s these were replaced with 7-panel Superior 6’ doors. At that time the cars were repainted and relettered with new stenciled reporting marks and a smaller stenciled medallion. This decal set covers both lettering schemes.

The model of this car has been very carefully reproduced by BooRim using 11 Pullman original drawings and will be available in late 2015 from Protocraft: Part # PC-3529

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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