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lettering for SP’s B-50-14 boxcars - a Rick Leach decal set

Part Number: SP B-50-14 (1:87 scale)

Price: $6.00

In 1924 the S.P. received 3,375 of Class B-50-14 boxcars from various builders as order CSF-300-D; received and distributed as follows:
S.P. Series 29640-30539, 900 cars, Standard Steel Car Co., delivered May-June 1924
S.P. Series 30540-31539, 1,000 cars, Standard Steel Car Co., delivered August-November 1924
P.E. Series 10000-19599, 600 cars, Standard Steel Car Co., delivered June-September 1924 (see Protocraft Decal sheet PE-1)
T&NO Series 52260-53059, 800 cars, Standard Steel Car Co, delivered June-August 1924
SPdeM Series 9426 - 9500, 75 cars, Standard Steel Car Co., delivered July 1924
Note: In July 1925, P.E. transfered 200 cars to parent S.P. from PE 10400-10599 into S.P. 18880-19079. In 1951, the remaining 376 cars went to S.P. as 19080-19455.
Paint & Lettering: Car body and trucks (wheels unpainted) all SP boxcar brown: TCP-922* for 1924-1937; and TCP-923* for cars painted 1940-1959. Both SP and T&NO. Black underbody until 1945, then boxcar brown. Lettering white stencil paste with black medallion background with S P reporting marks until 1946.
* TCP-901-929 are Protocraft Decals propietory colors mixed by TCP under the direction of Ed Hawkins and available at Protocraft
Lettering created and designed at Protocraft Decals from artwork by Rick Leach
Note: See Tony Thompson’s excellent and very comprehensive Southern Pacic Freight Cars, Volume 4, pages 187-212, for a more complete understanding of these cars.

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