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lettering for SP’s G-50-20/23 GS gondola cars - a Rick Leach decal set

Part Number: SP G-50-20-23 (1:87 scale)

Price: $6.00

The Southern Pacic received 6,150 General Service gondola cars built after 1940. Two types, one steel and the other a composite wood car.
Composite cars were delivered as follows:
Series 56330 - 57829, 1,500 cars, Pressed Steel Corp., delivered in 1948, with Barber S-2-AO trucks - Class G-50-20
Series 150000-150999, 1,000 cars, General American Transportation Corp, delivered in 1949 w/Barber S-2-AO trucks - Class G-50- 23
In 1956, all these cars were renumbered into the 360000 Series for steel cars, and 380000 Series for composite cars. Other conversions to 3 and
5-board high sides resulted in further renumbering to 358000 and 359000 Series respectively.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals based on artwork by Rick Leach
For a more thorough understanding of the SP’s GS gondola cars, refer to Tony Thompson’s excellent and comprehensive series on SP Freight
Cars, Vol 1, pages 123-146, published by Signature Press.

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