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lettering for Clinchfield’s Class FB6 and FB7 boxcars

Part Number: CRR-4a

Price: $8.50

The Carolina, Clincheld and Ohio Railroad, headquartered in Tennessee, was a 266 mile long road begun in 1902 with trackage throughout
the Appalachian region. Leased jointly by the Atlantic Coast Line and the L & N in 1958, it opperated independently until absorbed into the
Seaboard Coast Line in the 1980’s. Boxcars for the line before 1937 were a eet of single-sheathed wood 9’ IH cars designated as FB1 thru 4.
The Clincheld’s rst all steel boxcars were the 1932 ARA design 9’-4” IH built by Greenville Car Company, delivered in August of 1937 and
assigned Series 5000-5049 (FB5). (see Protocraft Decal CRR-2 for this lettering) The next order for Clincheld was for 10’ and 10‘-6“ IH cars as
Series 5250-5549, 300 cars, Mt. Vernon Car Company, delivered January 1947 - 10’-0” IH with 3/4 IDN ends (FB6)
Series 5550-5649, 100 cars, Amerian Car & Foundry, Lot 4224, delivered April 1954 - 10’-6” IH with 3/4 Carbuilder ends (FB7)
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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