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C&O Series 4000-5249 (and NKP and C&EI)1937 AAR design boxcars - initial order in 1936 w/Viking roof

Part Number: PC-3512

Price: $319.00

With the economy gaining on the Depression years, the railroads started thinking about upgrading and increasing their rolling stock.  Foremost was freight which included boxcars. Most of these roads were still operating with old wooden single-sheathed cars built in the late 1920's.  In 1936, the Mechanical Board of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), comprised mostly of the representatives of Class I railroads, adopted the new all-steel 10'-0" inside height boxcar (up from 9'-4") designated as the 1937 AAR design.  This design soon became the standard of the industry and was, with individual railroad's variations, bought by almost all the railroads of the day, eventually totaling over 29,000 in active service.  If you include the Canadian versions of these cars, built in Canada, you can add over 25,000 to total for over 55,000 1937 AAR design boxcars.  
The C&O received it's first 500 cars from General American Car Corp under Lot 2754 in October of 1936. The C&O assigned road numbers as Series 4000-4499.  The cars came with the latest leakproof steel roof design known as the Viking Corregated Roof by Chicago-Hutchins Corp.  Components included AB brake systems with Ajax Power hand brakes, wooden running boards. Youngstown corrugated steel doors with Camel fixtures, and the 4/5 Dreadnaught ends with the square corner design of the times.  Eight rung Wine Company ladders and roping staples.  The second group of 250 cars were identical and were delivered in July of 1937 from GATC under Lot 2777 as Series 5000-5299
The Nickel Plate however, was the first to place an order for this design and received it's first 500 cars from General American Car Corp under Lot 2752 in August of 1936, as Series 15000-15499.  These were identical to the C&O's order.  
The Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI) copied these two orders and in January 1937, received 500 cars of the very same plans from General American Car Corp under Lot 2712, as Series 64000-64499.  (The latter 100 cars, Series 64400-64499, came equipped with 3-Panel Creco doors and not included with this model)
This all-brass model is built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea and are exquisitely built in accurate reproduction using GATC plans. Trucks roll on ball bearings for easy rolling and have sintered steel wheels with working journal covers.
Accurate decals for all three railroads and their repaint schemes are available from Protocraft Decals.

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