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lettering for 1937-46 GS-3 and 4 Daylight locomotives

Part Number: SP Daylight Steam-1

Price: $9.50

In late 1936, under the guidance of SP’s president Angus McDonald, the SP developed a new modern, lightweight streamliner with a new logo and a black, red and orange paint scheme designed by Charles Eggelston, that extended the entire length of the train, setting off what became known as the most beautiful train in the world. Sticking to what it knew well, the SP and Lima Locomotive Works developed a superpower 4,500 HP steam locomotive capable of sustained speeds of 90 mph, which together with it’s booster engine, developed 62,500 lbs of tractive force, capable of mastering the 2.2% Cuesta grade between San Francisco and Los Angeles with 12 cars unassisted.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

GS-3 locomotives numbered 4416-4429
GS-4 locomotives numbered 4430-4457

Daylight Trains:

Morning Daylight: Train No. 98 & 99*
Noon Daylight: Train No. 96 and 97

San Joaquin Daylight: Train No. 51 and 52
Sacramento Daylight: Train No. 53 and 54

The Starlight: Train No. 94 and 95**

The Lark: Train No. 74 and 75

* later known at the Coast Daylight

** replaced the daytime Noon Daylight as an all night train

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