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C&NW 50’ single-door boxcar for general freight service

Part Number: C&NW-8a

Price: $8.50

In July through September, 1941, the C&NW received 500, 50’ single-door boxcars from Pullman-Standard’s Michigan City, Indiana, plant, under Lot 5666. Series assigned to freight service were 68050-68998 (even numbers only) cars were equipped with Viking roofs, 4/5 Dreadnaught square-corner ends, 6’ opening Youngstown doors, Universal Power hand brakes and Apex Tri-Lok running boards, with Barber Stabilized 50-ton trucks (The first 25 cars, Series 68000-68048 (even numbers only), were equipped for Baggage Express (BE) service with steam lines and Allied Full Cushion high speed trucks and painted Pullman passenger green - lettering DULUX yellow. - see decal set C&NW-8)

Paint & Lettering: painted in C&NW’s boxcar brown: TCP-183, with lettering in all-white stencil paste, and the Route of the 400 emblem.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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