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lettering set for various Santa Fe cabooses

Part Number: Santa Fe Caboose

Price: $8.50

The Santa Fe had quite an interesting array of 30’ caboose cars dating back to 1883; most built in Santa Fe’s shops. During WWII, a number of Bx-W-17 boxcars were converting into side-door cabooses, some with rider benches on the roof, and numbered in the 780-999 Series. Built of t&g siding with truss-rod underframes, then t&g with steel channel draft sills, and then beginning in 1918, all wood bodied from AC&F, as Series 1082-1449. In 1927 through 1930, 475 all steel cabooses from AC&F beinning as Series 1500-1978. In 1942-43 and again in 1949, 300 cabooses as Series 2001-2300 were built in Company shops. Note: in 1966-1969, 600+ of the all-steel cabooses were rebuilt as Pool Cars as Series 999000-999636, avoiding assignment of a caboose to each crew. This Series were all painted Indian red and only the white lettering is included in this sheet.
This lettering set is designed to letter all cabooses referenced above. (For reference see Caboose Cars of the Santa Fe by Frank Ellison (1977)
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted with Santa Fe’s mineral freight car brown. Reporting marks varied as follows: pre-1938 “A. T. & S. F.”; then later 1938-1943 “A. T. S. F.” and nally, the post-1943 “A T S F”. Paint shops did not rush to repaint cars when new lettering instructions were handed down from management - consequently it would be normal to see all three reporting marks during any given period. 4” numbers to the right of each end door and 3” numbers centered on each cupola end close to the roof. 2” reporting marks for truck bolsters. (Applicationon cupolas depended on the paint shop.) Lettering all white stencil paste.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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