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60' Harriman baggage car, SP Class 60-B-1/8, 1947 and later scheme

Part Number: SP 60-B-1/8 (b)

Price: $7.00

Between 1909 and 1918, the Southern Pacific Company took delivery of 228 B-60-1/8 60’ baggage cars for the SP, T&NO, GH&SA and SPdeM. An additional 6 cars went to subsidary NWP. The UP, WP and IC also purchased many of these cars. This series of cars were prevelent all over the US and many stayed in revenue service up through the 1960’s. SP’s cars were delivered with 6” gold leaf Southern Pacific on the letterboard. During the 1940’s “Lines” was seen on the letterboard and by 1947, back to just Southern Pacific in Dulux yellow. Many pages are devoted to these cars in the SPH&TS Passenger Car book, Vol 3, pages 221-268, and the modeler is urged to throughly familiarize himself with them. Cars were painted SP dark green. Truck side frames and underbody coated with black car cement. Later many cars could be found with tarpaper roofs coated with black car cement also. Note that the REA section remained at the same end of the car so that lettering would also be at the same end on both sides rather than right or left of the doors. Circle star on some cars denotes toilet and sink facilities for crew. Note the star is centered over the numbers. Models are available in Urethan from Southern Car & Foundry. Earlier brass models are PSC #15521. Lettering by Norm Buckhart. This lettering set is for the 1947-1958 Dulux yellow lettering. Use SP/T&NO B-60-1/8 (a) for 1909-1946 lettering in gold leaf.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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