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Lettering for 60' Postal cars - UP, OSL & O&W - post 1946 Lettering in Dulux yellow

Part Number: UP/OSL 60-P-3 (b)

Price: $8.50

In 1908, the UP took delivery of 5 Class 60-DP-1 (paper distributing) cars from Pullman-Standard, Lot 3675, and assigned road numbers 1230-1234. In June 1909, 5 more cars were delivered from Pullman Standard, Lot 3674 and numbered 1217-1221. All cars were built to the Harriman Common Standard set forth in March 26, 1907. These cars remained in revenue service into the 1950’s.


In September, 1910, the OSL took delivery of 6, Class 60-P-3 postal cars built by Pullman-Standard, Lot 3739. These were included as part of a 14 car order for the SP, CP and SPLA&SL. Road numbers assigned for the OSL were 325-330.


Two cars were ordered by the SP and lettered for Oregon & Washington under Lot 3781 and assigned road numbers 4250 and 4251. Note: The modeler should familiarize himself with SPHS&TS Volume 3, “Passenger Cars”, pages 41-58, for a more comprehensive study of these cars.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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