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Lettering for Sinclair Oil tank car

Part Number: SDRX-1

Price: $8.50


Sinclair Oil Corporation was a relatively small refiner and marketer of petroleum products headquartered in Salt Lake. They own and operator the largest fleet of private owned tank cars during the steam and diesel transition era. In 1953, Sinclair had a fleet of 4976 cars. They owned single compartment, and multi-compartment as well as insulated cars. They purchased cars from all of major tank car builders such as AC&F, Standard Tank Car, Pennsylvania Tank Car and General American. The cars were painted black and all had silver lettering. SDRX cars all had four dots on the dome. There are couple theories as the reason for these marking but no historical data has been unearthed to explain their purpose. This set is for a AC&F Type-21 10,000 gallon car for two numbers and one set of numbers for an 8,000 gallon car. The third digit from the right signifies the cars capacity. An “8” would indicate 8,000 gallons and a “1” would be for 10,000 gallons. Gene Deimling

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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