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1952 lettering for C&S Class XM-32 boxcars

Part Number: C&S MOD-1

Price: $8.50

The Burlington Lines built and owned over 16,205 of these Class XM-32 boxcars. Built between 1940 and 1959 at their Havelock, Nebraska shops, they followed the Modifed 1937 AAR boxcar design and incorporated many improvements over the years, such as 5/5 and then 3/4 Improved Deadnaught ends, and eventually going to Apex metal running boards. Early versions of these cars assigned to subsidiary Colorado & Southern, were assigned Series 1000-1499. Car 1513 above, built in 1957 as Class XM-32E is part of Series 1500-1799.

Paint & Lettering: C&S 1535 displays the standard lettering scheme of the Burlington prior to 1958 with the mineral red paint and Everywhere West and Way of the Zephyr slogans. (Note: The slogan“Way of the Zephyrs” is placed on the side of the car with brake cylinder,) In 1958, the road changed to all Chinese red cars with the new red outlined Burlington box - without the horizonal white stripes - as seen on Car 1513 when repainted in their Denver shops in Febuary 1961.

This lettering set is designed to enable the modeler to use either scheme. Created and designed at Protocraft Decals

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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